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More Stuff! Addon

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More stuff! v0.9 mod for more weapons, food and other items in Minecraft Bedrock.

Now you can create with the help of craft: emerald sword, quartz sword, obsidian sword, nether sword and the rest. In addition, get a new meal: hamburger, hot dog and sandwiches. Drinks include cola and coffee. Addon combined new swords and food. Just a small addition to new things. I hope you will like it. The list of new craft will be shown below.

In the latest version of the mod, firearms, machine guns, machine guns and pistols were added to Minecraft.


The addon is perfect for installation on all popular devices: Android, iOS and Windows 10. You can download and install confidently.

- Download McPack
- Use the Minecraft 1.20 - 1.12.
- Install McAddon or McPack files, just open it for this;
- Select new textures in the settings;
- Switch on the experimental mod;
- Done.

msa-v0_9.mcaddon [8.13 Mb] (downloads: 477)
msa-v0_9.zip [8.13 Mb] (downloads: 91)
msa-v0_9-resource.mcpack [7.69 Mb] (downloads: 203)
msa-v0_9-behavior.mcpack [454.06 Kb] (downloads: 180)

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Comments (12)

  1. Sjskkza!la
    Bob Bob 6 December 2020 09:36 Reply
  2. cool mod!!!!!!
    Devour Devour 2 November 2021 10:25 Reply
  3. Cool  mod  it have guns

    Patrick Tavares Patrick Tavares 4 November 2021 16:42 Reply
  4. Cool mod to play in your words 
    Patrick Tavares Patrick Tavares 4 November 2021 16:44 Reply
  5. i like this mod
    jackson jackson 5 November 2021 12:58 Reply
  6. bread is good
    annora annora 6 November 2021 05:22 Reply
  7. Hey, for this mod I downloaded this mod and it was great, But there is a bug where it spams commands in chat. I was wondering if you could fix it? Thanks
    HMC HMC 14 November 2021 16:04 Reply
  8. {text} i love it but the rifes arent working
    alejandro BUCIO alejandro BUCIO 4 January 2022 04:41 Reply
  9. I like guns in minecraft it is funny to have guns in game
    Arthur ball Arthur ball 14 June 2023 06:49 Reply
  10. the force was the best either may or is sleeping a lot on the ground and you can take a while back on. So it's really not easy but that's what you're that I got the Pointe is. that my friend is
    Arthur ball Arthur ball 14 June 2023 06:50 Reply
  11. would be better if there was more structures

    Aaron Aaron 7 January 2024 00:30 Reply
  12. eeeeeeemitnis good

    Aaron Aaron 7 January 2024 00:30 Reply

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