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Minecraft PE (Bedrock)

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Good afternoon, dear visitors and guests, I am glad to welcome all MCBE fans and fans. Congratulations! A new 11 beta version of the video game Minecraft Bedrock has been released today.

Download Minecraft PE for Android for free.

This update includes fixes for graphics, gameplay bugs, stability and performance improvements. There are also some technical fixes. A detailed list will be listed below. Added new command: / structure. With its help animate the placement of a structure.

For a more detailed study of all the innovations, I have a complete list of all the innovations and bug fixes in the new beta version of MCBE.

What's new in Minecraft Bedrock

Now let's start downloading the Minecraft game to your Android smartphone. Also, do not forget that the site has many add-ons for this version 1.16. Other sections of the site have mods, addons, textures, maps and skins. I was glad to see all the visitors on the site, come back and don't miss new news.

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Minecraft PE (Bedrock)

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