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Today, a new version of the Minecraft PE game has been released. Here I will tell you what changes have occurred in the game and give a link to download the new beta version!

I want to congratulate everyone on the next update, very soon we are expecting the full version. Developers try and fix bugs to make us comfortable playing. As you know, new bee mobs and a lot of other things related to them have already been added. Now there are no special innovations, they only remove errors.

What's new?
- Removed crashes during the gameplay;
- Fixed several crashes;
- Fixed bugs with compass, nezer portal and "Extreme Speed ​​Runner";
- Improved conditions for add-on creators and map makers;
- Removed a bug with overlapping text.

Minecraft PE

We are for using the licensed version of Minecraft Bedrock. Therefore, we offer to download the game client from an official source. Enjoy your survival!

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