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Minecraft Nether Update

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Minecraft Nether Update released a new beta version of the game. Here you can download the game for free and find out all its main news.

In this update, developers worked on bugs, crashes, and fixed many flaws in maps, animations, gameplay, and the rest. Minecraft Nether Update is designed to improve Nether, add more mobs, biomes, blocks and the rest to it. You probably already know that pygilins and negelin appeared. How they look can be seen in the screenshots. Also on the site there are many additions, mods, maps and textures for Nether Game Updates.

The site contains the best add-ons for the new Minecraft Nether Update. Here are the links to them:
- Addons
- Maps
- Textures
- Skins

There are two options for downloading links. Official license and pirated free version of MineCraft. Which download to choose yourself.

Google play link
Minecraft Nether Update

Free download link

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