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Dear friends! I am glad to offer to download the freshly released beta version of Minecraft In this Nether Update, the developers worked on fixing bugs and improving the game.

What's new in MineCraft
The game does not stand still, I improve it and make it better so that we are more comfortable and pleasant to play it. For this, bugs were fixed, crashes removed. Developers finalized the gameplay, mobs, blocks, graphics, commands and interface. Also, some changes will please the creators of add-ons.

Please see the screenshots, they also have some information:

Minecraft Nether Update continues to delight us with the expansion of this evil and dangerous world. Previously, many biomes, blocks, mobs, resources, ores and other useful features have already been added to it. Download the game for free at the link below and play Minecraft Bedrock!

Google play link

Free download link

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