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Escape From The Magma Map 1.16, 1.14, 1.13

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Escape From The Magma is a great minigame map for Minecraft Bedrock. Your task will be to escape from magma and lava. This is a very popular game with many features and interesting details. Download to play it!

This mini-game can be played by yourself or together with friends in multiplayer. You need to dodge and run away from magma. There are three game modes to choose from: simple, medium and difficult. Press the start button to start. Then you will be given one of four items. They will help you through the passage or help prevent other players from getting ahead of you. Look at the video and screenshots of how the game itself and the passage take place! Good luck, repost and invite your friends to play with you.


How to install?
Android: use ES Explorer to find mcworld in the download folder. Click on a file to import it inside.
Versions of Windows 10: Go to your downloads folder and find mcworld. Click on the document to add it to the client.
IOS: as soon as they clicked on the Download button below, the device will offer to open it.

escape-from-the-magma.mcworld [975.3 Kb] (downloads: 170)

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