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The Non-Stop Parkour Map 1.13, 1.12, 1.11, 1.10

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The Non-Stop Parkour is the best parkour map for testing your own gaming skills. You need to go through the map without stops and hiccups.

If ordinary parkour maps seem simple for you, then try this one. She is much more difficult and will show who the real master of parkour is here, not in words but in deeds!

The Non-Stop Parkour map for Minecraft PE that you need to go from beginning to end without stopping. Initially, it was made for Java MineCraft. The author tried and transfer it to the mobile client. It was quite difficult but it worked out well. Download the map and challenge this challenging one!

How to install?
Android: use ES Explorer to find mcworld in the download folder. Click on a file to import it inside.
Versions of Windows 10: Go to your downloads folder and find mcworld. Click on the document to add it to the client.
IOS: as soon as they clicked on the Download button below, the device will offer to open it.

non-stop-parkour.mcworld [121.74 Kb] (downloads: 378)

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