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Realistic Explosion – Addon/Function Pack 1.13, 1.12

Mods 1.12.0 / Mods 1.13.1

Hello dear friends and guests of my website. I want to please you with a new addon, it will add a bit of realism and showiness to the game world. If you are tired of playing with old explosives, but really like to explode and want the explosions to be beautiful, then get acquainted with the new addition.

Download the functional package for realistic explosions in Minecraft Bedrock 1.13 and 1.12. With this functional pack, when TNT explodes, adjacent blocks will fly apart. This system also works realistically, for example, lighter blocks of sand will fly further than, for example, an anvil.

How to install?
Open the mcpack file or add it to behavior_packs.
Create a new game world and activate the functional package there.

Click the create button and then write the command /function r-help for additional instructions and help.

How to use?
Create a command block and write /function rtnt /start, always enable repetition. Another command /function rtnt/start_lagless

Then do as in the photo.

realexplosionpack-v1_0.zip [417.84 Kb] (downloads: 61)
realexplosionpack-v1_0.mcpack [417.84 Kb] (downloads: 259)

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