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New Foods Addon/Mod 1.14, 1.13, 1.12

Mods 1.12.0 / Mods 1.13.1 / Mods 1.14

Do you like to eat? Want to feed Steve deliciously for lunch, breakfast and dinner. Then install the New Foods addon on your Minecraft mobile.

New Foods and the knife appear in the game world. You can get food using crafting recipes. The mod adds cheese, tomato, pizza, a knife, a slice of pizza, chicken and pork souvlaki, scrambled eggs, chocolate bar, croissant, apple pie and chicken soup.

I think you can find your favorite food here. This is a real and realistic food, very tasty and high-calorie. What you need to survive in the formidable world of MСPE.

Recipes and Description:



- Download McPack
- Use the Minecraft PE version 1.12+
- Install McAddon or McPack files, just open it for this;
- Select new textures in the settings;
- Switch on the experimental mod;
- Done.

new-foods-0_2_0.mcaddon [25.56 Kb] (downloads: 377)

new-foods-0_2_1.mcaddon [28.45 Kb] (downloads: 74)

new-foods-0_3_0.mcaddon [36.11 Kb] (downloads: 103)

new-foods-1_0_1.mcaddon [47.05 Kb] (downloads: 91)

new-foods-1_2_0.mcaddon [57.39 Kb] (downloads: 223)

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