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Location of Ore Addon/Mod 1.14

Mods / Mods 1.14

Location of Ore Addon will show how many emeralds and diamonds are next to the game. Mega useful mod for Minecraft PE.

Want to make it easier to find diamonds and find them easy? Then use this supplement and you will always know how many diamonds and emeralds are next to the player.

How to install a feature package?
To get started, get the command unit, you will need it. Use command

Now in the settings, activate the repetition of the command block.

Find the caption in the text chat as shown in this photo.

Now the screen will show how many ore is next to the player.

Download the free add-on to Bedrock MineCraft for free. Use it as needed, get small cheating opportunities. Be sure to thank the author of the add-on, it was created by DRGAME0627.

location-of-ore-addon.mcpack [42.62 Kb] (downloads: 156)

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