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Dolphins Plus: Rediscovery! Addon 1.16

Mods / Mods 1.16

Dolphins Plus: Rediscovery! Addon 1.16

Dolphins Plus: Rediscovery! Addo new mobs for Minecraft Bedrock.

These are real ocean dwellers from the real world. In particular: white shark and killer whale. Each of them has its own behavior and will be aggressive towards the player and other fish. They do 40 damage. If you kill a shark or killer whale, get fish meat, bones and experience.

The author has posted few screenshots of the new fish and therefore I could not post them on the site. It is better to download the mod yourself, enter the game and see how the new mobs look.

— Download McPack
— Use the Minecraft 1.16
— Install McAddon or McPack files, just open it for this;
— Select new textures in the settings;
— Switch on the experimental mod;
— Done.

dolphins-plus-2.mcaddon [7.24 Mb] (downloads: 15)

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please make the orca neutral. Orcas are not bad.

Rameshwar Rameshwar 24 May 2021 23:36 Reply

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