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Bulls Addon

Mods / Mods 1.16

Mod adds a new aggressive mob - a bull in Bedrock Minecraft.

It looks a lot like a cow, only it won't be peaceful. You can find him in the plain and savanna biomes. The bull attacks players, illagers and zombies. He will defend the territory around him. He has 60 health and 6 damage. Bull mobs cannot be tamed. Look at the photo how the bulls look in MCPE.

— Download McPack
— Use the Minecraft 1.16
— Install McAddon or McPack files, just open it for this;
— Select new textures in the settings;
— Switch on the experimental mod;
— Done.

bullb.mcpack [5.23 Kb] (downloads: 4)
bullr.mcpack [35.53 Kb] (downloads: 1)
bull.mcaddon [38.87 Kb] (downloads: 0)
bull.zip [41.36 Kb] (downloads: 0)

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