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Drills Addon/Mod

Mods 1.20 / Mods 1.16 / Mods 1.15 / Mods 1.14

Hello dear guests of my site. Today you will find a very useful mod for all miners from the Minecraft world. I am sure it will help you in the extraction of more diamonds, emeralds and other ores. Let's move on to a more detailed review of the add-on. I hope he will interest you.

Drills Add-on for Professional Ore Mining with a Drill at the Minecraft Bedrock.

There are two types of drills, with diamond and iron drill. It is an effective tool for destroying stone blocks that prevent you from reaching precious diamonds. You can get a drill using crafting or teams. Another drill can be used as a weapon!

/ da: iron_drill
/ da: diamond_drill

- Download McPack
- Use the Minecraft 1.14, 1.15, 1.16
- Install McAddon or McPack files, just open it for this;
- Select new textures in the settings;
- Switch on the experimental mod;
- Done.

drills_addon.mcaddon [22.68 Kb] (downloads: 366)
drills-addon.zip [27.43 Kb] (downloads: 83)

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