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Wizardry Addon/Mod 1.16, 1.15, 1.14

Mods 1.16 / Mods 1.14 / Mods 1.15

Wizardry Mod 10 magic wand and magic in the Minecraft Bedrock game.

Also, to use magic wands, real mana will appear. She will restore it herself after a while. Mana is displayed as a blue bar. When you use magic, the blue break is reduced. To use, pick it up and press the right mouse button for Windows 10 or click on the button on your mobile device. Download the addon for free and become a real wizard, do wonders and magic!

Wand List
- Golden Wand
- Diamond Wand
- Fire Wand
- Lightning Wand
- Iron Wand
- Wooden Wand
- Stone Wand
- Evocation Wand
- Boulder Wand
- Teleportation Wand


- Download McPack
- Use the Minecraft 1.14, 1.15, 1.16
- Install McAddon or McPack files, just open it for this;
- Select new textures in the settings;
- Switch on the experimental mod;
- Done.

Old version:

wizardry.mcaddon [62.89 Kb] (downloads: 409)

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Comments (1)

  1. There is an error with this addon, when I use it in a world the blue mana bar would appear and let me use the wands, but I switched to creative mode and the blue mana bar does not appear again and does not let you use the wands , please fix it, delete and install the addon and the blue mana bar does not appear
    Flamingo Flamingo 9 April 2021 16:05 Reply

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