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Ores Plus Addon

Mods 1.18 / Mods 1.17 / Mods 1.16

Ores Plus - a large mod adds a lot of new ores to the Minecraft game. You can use them to craft epic armor, tools and weapons. Look at the screenshots of how the mod works and see the crafting recipes. I am sure you will like the Ores Plus addon.

— Download Mod
— Use the Minecraft
— Install McAddon or McPack files, just open it for this;
— Select new textures in the settings;
— Done.

ores-plus-add-on-bp-v9_2.mcaddon [659.24 Kb] (downloads: 265)
ores-plus-add-on-rp-v9_2.mcpack [392.8 Kb] (downloads: 197)

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  1. i love emeralds

    Tyler jung Tyler jung 3 June 2021 07:45 Reply

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