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Lava Rises Every Minute Function Pack/Mod

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Mod for hardcore survival in Minecraft PE. Now every minute lava will rise up.

By ItsMattCraft

Do you want to try to survive in the present difficult and hardcore conditions? Test your survival skills. Download the Lava Rises Every Minute Function Pack add-on and find out that before, survival was just basic. Every minute, the lava rises and there will soon be no land on which to hide. Connect your wits and figure out how to live on.

- Download McPack or zip
- Extract the .zip file and move it in your Minecraft behavior_pack folder or open .mcpack in minecraft
- Done.

lava-rises.mcpack [607.17 Kb] (downloads: 3164)
lava-rises.zip [607.17 Kb] (downloads: 805)

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Comments (6)

  1. um where is my credits can you add me in the credits?

    itsMattCraft itsMattCraft 25 January 2021 13:09 Reply
  2. Quote: itsMattCraft
    um where is my credits can you add me in the credits?

    Added, thanks for the message.
    skay4eg skay4eg 25 January 2021 16:07 Reply
  3. Thanks for the mod, I've been looking for it for a long time.

    e e 26 January 2021 14:58 Reply
  4. Very nice!!!

    Guest skay4eg Guest skay4eg 2 February 2021 10:46 Reply
  5. {text}how the FUCK do u use this

    mario mario 20 June 2021 23:26 Reply
  6. I want this mod
    Arnav Rishi Arnav Rishi 3 May 2023 06:02 Reply

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