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Spawn Near Island Village with Exposed Underwater Stronghold & More! Seed


I propose to get acquainted with the epic seed for Minecraft 1.13.1. Here you will appear next to the water village and many other surprises.

In this world there are many islands in structures, skoranozhami, village, ravines, stronhold, portal, dungeon and many others. Explore all the surroundings and find them yourself. Or use the coordinates indicated below the pictures. At the bottom of the map you can see what this seed consists of.

Seed: 2029555703

1404, 72, 4

Underwater Ravine full of Magma Blocks next to Stronghold:
1287, 12, -308

Island Village with Stronghold exposed underwater next to Coral Reef:
1340, 64, -300

Ocean Ruins fused to Stronghold Library:
1365, 40, -328

Shipwreck next to Stronghold:
1300, 41, -422

Portal Room:
1310, 42, -380

Skeleton Dungeon in Mineshaft:
1285, 30, -144

Islands surrounded by Frozen Ocean:
1730, 68, -500

Two Ocean Monuments near each other:
2000, 60, -310

Ocean Monument:
1670, 60, 20

I am sure you will like to survive in such a beautiful and adventurous game world. Copy the seed number and use it when creating a new game.

Seed ID

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  1.  this is butiful
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