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Among Us – Skin Pack

Skins / Skins Packs

Hello dear visitors, I am very glad to welcome you to the site and I want to share a whole skin pack. It was created by one game that is gaining immense popularity in recent years in a short time.

Among Us Minecraft PE Skin Pack. You get a lot of skins of characters from the game Among Us at once. They will be of different colors. Choose one of the Among Us colors: white, light green, brown, blue, red, pink, green, light blue, orange, yellow, pink and black. See the photo how it looks. Surprise your friends!

  • Download zip file by clicking on the button below.
  • Download to mobile device and you all done.
  • Now you are ready to apply the new skin.

among-us-skin-pack-by-elwaer-m.mcpack [13.88 Kb] (downloads: 472)
among-us-skin-pack-by-elwaer-m.zip [13.88 Kb] (downloads: 69)

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Elias g Elias g 19 October 2020 18:49 Reply
thanks sike no
lol no lol no 22 December 2020 17:57 Reply

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