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Kelly’s Minecraft Vanilla RTX Conversion Pack - Texture Pack


Kelly's Minecraft Vanilla RTX Conversion Pack is a new, large and high-quality texture pack for Minecraft Bedrock.

Here any visitor will be able to download the RTX texture for free and greatly change the appearance of the game. Its main feature is brighter and more saturated colors, and I also liked the lighting. Combined with a luscious, beautiful picture, the lighting will generally be cool. The screenshots below the description will show how the new addition works and what to expect from the texture. I hope you will like it! Enjoy the game and do a repost.

How to install?
- Download resource pack;
- Run and open the .mcpack file in the game;
- Select a texture in the menu;
- Enjoy!

kellys_rtx_base_pack.mcpack [21.7 Mb] (downloads: 1907)

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    xZil0xX xZil0xX 16 June 2021 06:56 Reply
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    Airell Airell 29 June 2021 04:54 Reply
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    Luca Luca 2 August 2021 13:29 Reply

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