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TRP Photorealism 1024x – Texture Pack 1.13, 1.12


TRP Photorealism is a very beautiful and realistic texture pack in HD quality for Minecraft PE.

If you are tired of the standard textures with ordinary graphics, then I suggest downloading the HD texture in a large extension of 1024x1024. The appearance of blocks, objects and the rest is changing. I really liked the photo realistic appearance of the game Minecraft PE.

Take a look at the screenshots, you will see my description clearly:

The texture is very large and powerful, it requires a good mobile device or computer with at least 2 GB of RAM. The texture is perfect for Android, iOS and Windows 10 systems.

How to install?
- Download resource pack;
- Run and open the .mcpack file in the game;
- Select a texture in the menu;
- Enjoy!

Android and mobile version:
TRP Photorealism 1024x – Texture Pack 1.13, 1.12

Only iOS and Windows 10

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  1. TRP Photorealism 1024x – Texture Pack

    joashua joashua 16 July 2022 15:42 Reply

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