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Textures / Shaders

EB SHADER for Android and iOS on Minecraft Bedrock.

Use shaders and improve graphics, make them more expensive, beautiful and rich. Shaders will add a lot of details, plants and various improvements to the appearance of the Minecraft PE game world. I will show you how they work now, some great examples are shown in the screenshots below the description. The author did a great job, this is a rather popular addition on the Internet, which is why I decided to share it with YOU.

EB SHADER can be installed on all versions from 1.12 to the newest nezir update 1.16. There are also download links for android, ios and windows 10.

eb-shader.mcpack [13.1 Mb] (downloads: 3602)
eb-shader.zip [13.1 Mb] (downloads: 784)

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  1. Putz eu curto mto mine, e doces e Coca-Cola 
    Caio Caio 31 August 2021 15:22 Reply
  2. EB SHADER cooool
    Mdc Mdc 29 December 2023 10:09 Reply
  3. EB SHADER !!!! 
    MTSDPNCHNG MTSDPNCHNG 29 December 2023 10:12 Reply
  4. so good it wa sure beeeeeeeest
    This is sooooooooo goooooood This is sooooooooo goooooood 13 March 2024 13:35 Reply

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