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Sunrise Shader v1.2 | SSBE

Textures / Shaders

Sunrise Shader v1.2 | SSBE - shaders for Minecraft Bedrock for Android and iOS.

Download this add-on for free and get more realistic and beautiful graphics. I especially liked the updated look of water, sky, lighting, sun, thorny leaves on trees, underwater world and much more. How Sunrise Shader works, see the screenshots and video below the description. This is a great addition to add beautiful and realistic shaders.

How to install?
- Download Shader pack;
- Run and open the .mcpack file in the game;
- Select Shader in the menu;
- Enjoy!

sunrise-shader-v1_2-update.mcpack [1.16 Mb] (downloads: 1029)

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Comments (6)

  1. downloads shaders go
    nathan nathan 3 April 2021 23:03 Reply
  2. {text} aku mau Minecraft realistis 
    Raffa Raffa 14 March 2022 08:06 Reply
  3. Aku mau Minecraft realistis 
    Raffa Raffa 14 March 2022 08:09 Reply
  4. Aku mau Minecraft realistis karena aku suka.
    Raffa Raffa 14 March 2022 08:10 Reply
  5. Aku ingin sekali mempunyai Minecraft realistis karena aku suka sama grafiknya
    Raffa Raffa 14 March 2022 08:11 Reply
  6. Nice


    Carlos Carlos 30 March 2022 21:20 Reply

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