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Minecraft PE (Bedrock)

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Dear players! Congratulations on the release of the new version of Minecraft PE 1.16.20 official release. Released on August 11.

This version has many changes, a new mob piglin brutes and more than 70 bugs fixed. I advise everyone to switch to the new version of the game for Android and 1.16.2003.0 for Windows 10.

The new mob is called piglin brutes. Here are its features:
- Health 50;
- Attack the player even in gold armor;
- Spawn with a golden ax in the bastion;
- Cannot pick up items from the ground;
- Do not be afraid of other zombies piglins and zoglins;
- Reproduce even in peaceful mode.

Fixed many bugs related to sounds, stability, performance, mobs, gameplay, blocks, items, and user interface. A detailed list will be posted a bit later.

Free download Minecraft 1.16.20 (PE) Bedrock for Android. You have access to the official link and our link without ads and viruses. Download and enjoy a more stable update without errors and bugs.

There are also many add-ons for this version of the game on the site. With their help, you can improve the game world according to your own desires.

Google play link
Minecraft PE (Bedrock)

Free download link

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    Davidfigueroa Jhon Davidfigueroa Jhon 10 October 2023 10:32 Reply
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    Davidfigueroa Jhon Davidfigueroa Jhon 10 October 2023 10:33 Reply

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