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Minecraft (Nether Update)

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A new version of MineCraft Nether Update has been released. In it, the developers added a new mob and fixed a huge number of bugs.

I advise you to switch to a new version of the game and survive without errors. Also now you can play without problems in multiplayer with the working X-Box Live. The developers are doing everything necessary for our game. To make Minecraft better and more interesting for gamers.

What's new in Minecraft Bedrock
- Piglin Brute spawn egg;
- New mob Piglin Brute.

Piglin Brute Features:
- Stronger than regular Piglin;
- Spawn in bastion remnants;
- Always attacks players, even if there is gold in the hands;
- Aggressive;
- Attacks even if the player wears gold armor;
- Does not wear armor;
- In the hands of a weapon: axes.

Detailed list of fixed bugs in

Below you can select the link for official or free download. You just need to click on it. Also on my site there are many mods, add-ons, textures and maps for MCPE. Download and play with pleasure!

Google play link
Minecraft (Nether Update)

Free download link

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