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Minecraft PE (Caves & Cliffs)

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Download the new beta version of Minecraft PE which adds the first innovations of the new version of Minecraft Caves & Cliffs!

We waited a long time and now it happened! We can, together with you, contemplate some of the innovations from the Caves and Cliffs update. Also, the developers continue to fix bugs. We got new blocks and elements, as well as new mobs. See a similar list below the description. Hooray! New mob in Minecraft Bedrock

- New mob - Goats;
- Blocks
- Powder Snow
- Goat Horns

We also fixed bugs related to mobs, performance, vehicles, graphics, gameplay and others. We are already approaching the release of the long-awaited Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs!

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Minecraft PE (Caves & Cliffs)

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