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Minecraft PE (Caves & Cliffs)

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Free download Minecraft Bedrock for Android or Windows 10.

A new beta version of Minecart PE has been released, with important changes and improvements. Added new sound settings, fixed bugs and added functions from the RTX version. In the last update, we added a new mob Goat and brought us even closer to Minecraft Caves & Cliffs. Personally, I liked the new sounds: among creatures, players, monsters and others. There are also store changes and some new features. Also, the creators tried and made a lot of edits and bug fixes in the game world.

At the bottom of the link you get the official version of Minecraft for Android. Play on your smartphone, have fun with your friends and do whatever you want. Until next time, I remind you that there are many add-ons on the site.

Google play link
Minecraft PE (Caves & Cliffs)

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