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Minecraft Nether Update!

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This is the newest and long-awaited update to the Minecraft game. We are waiting for a lot of new things in the Nether world. Developers added new blocks, ores, biomes, mobs, monsters, and items to Nether. Now playing and surviving in this terrifying world becomes much more interesting. You will be provided with all the necessary resources so as not to return to the vanilla world. Nether The world comes to life, it becomes much more interesting to play and survive there. It is because of this that we have been waiting for the release of this version of Minecraft Bedrock on Android for so long. You can download MineCraft for free at the link below.

Minecraft Nether Update!

New blocks:
- Blackstone
- Blackstone Slab, Blackstone Stairs, Blackstone Wall
- Polished Blackstone
- Polished Blackstone Bricks
- Lodestone
- Respawn Anchor
- Chains

- Striders
- Zoglins
- Hoglins
- Piglins

World generation / Biomes:
- Basalt deltas
- Bastion Remnants
- Crimson forest
- Soul sand valley
- Warped forest

- Basalt pillar
- Huge crimson fungi

Many bugs have also been fixed. The developers did a good job on the stability of the video game.

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