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Minecraft Nether Update

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Hurrah! The new and long-awaited update of the Minecraft Nether Update game has been released.

In the new version of the game, the developers wanted to diversify the Nether World. New mobs, blocks, biomes and ores will be added to it. This will greatly diversify it and make it more interesting to visit.

New biomes:
- Crimson forest;
- Soul sand valley;
- Warped forest.

- Piglins
- Hoglins.

From nezerith ore, items, tools, a sword and armor can be created better than diamond.

Photos of new blocks, biomes, mobs and ores:

Free download MineCraft Nether Update is available at the link below for Android. This is still the first beta, in the future we are waiting for even more changes and improvements!

Google play link
Minecraft Nether Update

Free download link

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