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TheBridgers Map 1.14, 1.13

Minigame Maps / PvP Maps

PVP map for two teams for MineCraft. You and your friends will have a great time in battle on the map! I advise everyone to download and try playing on it!

You are divided into two teams, at least one person each. Each goes to his base. Below the blocks there is a hollow; two bases are connected by a narrow bridge. The task of your team is to destroy the enemy’s reactor first. This is a block in the middle of its base. The map works without installing mods or add-ons. Look at the screenshots of how the game itself looks. If you like mini-games and pvp then this project is especially for you! It remains to call a few friends to play with them.

How to install?
Android: use ES Explorer to find mcworld in the download folder. Click on a file to import it inside.
Versions of Windows 10: Go to your downloads folder and find mcworld. Click on the document to add it to the client.
IOS: as soon as they clicked on the Download button below, the device will offer to open it.

thebridgers.mcworld [6.83 Mb] (downloads: 293)

thebridgers-new.mcworld [3.98 Mb] (downloads: 171)

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