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Minecraft VS Zombies Map 1.16 - 1.9

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Minecraft Vs Zombies – cool map in the style of the games Tower Defense. Now, a similar mini-game can be played directly in the Minecraft PE game.

Your main task is to create protection so that through your towers and traps monsters can not reach the end of your base. At your disposal you will have 9 towers, as well as other bonuses. In total there will be 15 waves in the game. Each wave lasts 20 seconds. The game is not big, it will take about 5 minutes. But for me, as a fan of this topic of games, I really liked and interested. On the map you can play alone or with friends. Choose you. The card works without add-ons and mods, everything is involved only because of command blocks. The author asks you to write in the comments if you find errors or bugs. Good luck.

How to install?
Android: use ES Explorer to find mcworld in the download folder. Click on a file to import it inside.
Versions of Windows 10: Go to your downloads folder and find mcworld. Click on the document to add it to the client.
IOS: as soon as they clicked on the Download button below, the device will offer to open it.

mincraft-vs-zombies-mcworld.mcworld [284.5 Kb] (downloads: 291)
minecraft-vs-zombies-zip.zip [284.5 Kb] (downloads: 24)

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