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Wildfire Function 1.13, 1.12

Mods 1.12.0 / Mods 1.13.1

Wildfire features a truly dangerous and wild fire in MineCraft PE.

Now, with a lightning strike, an area of 10x10 blocks will be ignited by fire. Now it’s very dangerous to leave your house in bad weather, you can come and see only the coals. Diversify your own video game by adding a cool addition to it.

The photo shows how it looks in Minecraft.

How it works?
Download mcaddon from the link below;
Create a new game world;
Turn on cheats and experimental mode;
Add the downloaded behavior package;
Enter the command /function wildfire
Configure and connect the redstone in the settings, be sure to activate the repetition;
Nearby set up a redstone torch.
Write /function w
Done! Everything works.

wildfire.mcaddon [1.11 Mb] (downloads: 12)

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