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CROCODILES! v5 Addon/Mod 1.14, 1.13, 1.12, 1.11

Mods 1.12.0 / Mods 1.11.0 / Mods 1.13.1 / Mods 1.14

I advise you to download a cool mod CROCODILES! on a new mob in mobile Minecraft.

Crocodiles will be very dangerous creatures, as in real life. They spawn on swamp booms. I have noticed several types and colors. There are three options for a crocodile: normal, dangerous and save your own limbs while they remain in place. What a crocodile looks like in Minecraft The Bedrock will be shown in the screenshots. Look at them and download the addon.

Even more detailed information is shown in the video review:

- Download McPack
- Use the Minecraft PE version 1.11+
- Install McAddon or McPack files, just open it for this;
- Select new textures in the settings;
- Switch on the experimental mod;
- Done.

crocodiles_v1.rar [426.7 Kb] (downloads: 90)

crocodiles_v2.mcaddon [433.52 Kb] (downloads: 61)

crocodile_v3.mcaddon [434.64 Kb] (downloads: 25)

crocodile_v4.mcaddon [434.99 Kb] (downloads: 35)

crocodile_v5.mcaddon [435.04 Kb] (downloads: 128)

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  1. Tameable crocs
    Miss B Williams Miss B Williams 31 December 2020 21:48 Reply

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