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Spectator Mode – Addon/Function Pack 1.13.1

Mods / Mods 1.13.1

Spectator Mode Function Pack - a cheat add-on that allows the player to fly in survival mode in Minecraft PE.

This is not a mod or addon, but a functional package. Just download it, install it and with the help of special commands you can switch between regular and Spectator Mode. How it works I will tell further.

How to use it?

To switch to viewer mode you need:
- Go into survival mode;
- Write a command in the chat /function spc_on

To return to normal game mode you need:
- Go down to the ground.
- Open a text chat and use the command /function spc_off

spectator-mode-by-digicraft66.mcpack [14.61 Kb] (downloads: 954)

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