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Survival Guns Addon

Mods / Mods 1.16

Survival Guns Addon is a cool new weapon in Minecraft Bedrock. It will be 10 special guns of different functionality.

Each 3D cannon will be used for its intended purpose. You can set enemies on fire, freeze, destroy, teleport and much more. Download Survival Gun for free on your smartphone. I'm sure you'll like it!

- Gravity Gun
- TNT Gun
- Wither Gun
- Flamethrower
- Mining Gun
- Grappling Gun
- Portal Gun
- Ray Gun
- Freeze Gun
- Nail Gun


— Download McPack
— Use the Minecraft 1.16
— Install McAddon or McPack files, just open it for this;
— Select new textures in the settings;
— Switch on the experimental mod;
— Done.

survivalguns.mcaddon [262.41 Kb] (downloads: 244)

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