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Two Spruce Villages and a Ruined Portal at Spawn Seed


Hi everyone! I have not posted new seeds on the site for a long time, I decided to fix this situation and now I am making myself a cool seed for your game world. It fits any version of the game, even the oldest. Therefore, there is no need to worry about this.

This seed allows you to appear immediately on Spruce Villages, next to it there will be another village of the same and Ruined portal. I think this will be a great start to survival for any player. Use the seed number and you can create just such a game world. Good luck to all. We look at the photo of how it looks and what resources it will collect in the villages.

Seed ID: -634905957

See the coordinates of the most important points:
Village 1: At spawn
Ruined portal: 196, 70, 155
Village 2: 120, 78, -148

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Comments (4)

  1. I hope this works.
    matthew matthew 9 November 2020 10:29 Reply
  2. {text}this is so cool 
    daimya daimya 16 November 2021 18:06 Reply
  3. {text}boobs
    Boobs Boobs 23 December 2021 08:32 Reply
  4. Two Spruce Villages and a Ruined Portal at Spawn Seed  
    Connor Wilson Connor Wilson 28 August 2023 04:54 Reply

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