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Two Temples! Fortunately Sea + Amazing Islands Seed 1.16 - 1.10


Hello dear friends! Today I want to share with you excellent seed. In this world you can see two underwater temples that are nearby.

In addition to these temples, there will be many interesting things on the map, for example, anomalies and ruins. The screenshots below will show where the sights are located, how to get to them and how all the most interesting looks. If you want to play and explore a new, as well as interesting, game world, I advise you to use this seed and create it in your own Minecraft.

Seed: -911667499

Location coordinates:
Spawn – 263, 70, -12
Second Temple – 639, 88, 91
Savanna – -18 119 -241
First Temple – 358, 69, 112

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  1. I'm 11 I'm bad at spelling 
    carlos carlos 24 August 2022 20:17 Reply

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