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RTX Des Bijoux - Texture Pack

Textures / RTX

RTX Des Bijoux is a new texture with RTX support and 32x expansion for Minecraft Bedrock.

You can download it for free from the site and use it on Windows 10. For now, the texture pack will only work on this platform. The game world becomes more colorful, realistic, and the graphics are detailed. Take a look at the screenshots and find out what to expect from the RTX Des Bijoux texture pack. I'm sure it will be great for maps, survival, realism. Also on my site there is an original version of the Des Bijoux texture. You can also download it by following the link.


How to install?
- Download resource pack;
- Run and open the .mcpack file in the game;
- Select a texture in the menu;
- Enjoy!

rtx-des-bijoux-1_3_2.mcpack [9.24 Mb] (downloads: 616)

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