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Sweet Dreams Shader 4.0

Textures / Shaders

Sweet Dreams Shader 4.0 is a new version of shaders with different effects and improvements for game graphics. Look at the video and screenshots of how this add-on will work and work on your smartphone. I'm sure you'll love the texture and graphics shaders.

How to install?
- Download Shader pack;
- Run and open the .mcpack file in the game;
- Select Shader in the menu;
- Enjoy!

v3_sweet-dreams-shader.mcpack [2.1 Mb] (downloads: 1898)

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Comments (2)

  1. It’s good
    Ash Ash 30 July 2021 17:15 Reply
  2. {text}model
    Kristina Howell Kristina Howell 24 February 2023 19:25 Reply

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