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Minecraft (Nether Update)

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Download the latest update Minecraft Nether Update. The video game has fixed bugs and crashes. You will learn more information from the description below.

What's New in MineCraft

Developers continue to improve Nether Update and make it more stable. Probably we are soon waiting for the full and final version of the game. But in there are no innovations in terms of new blocks, mobs or biomes. Only bug fixes.

Redid the command /repackage and /xp now they work correctly.

Minor errors:
Corrected minor flaws and errors. They may not be so noticeable but they interfered very much during the game, now they will not be.

Work on bugs and crashes:
The developers removed many bugs related to the gameplay, improved it and even improved the graphics. Work has been done on add-ons and mods.

To download the video game MineCraft Nether Update click on the link to go to the play market for Android or our direct link at the bottom of the page. Good game!

Google play link
Minecraft (Nether Update)

Free download link

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