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Minecraft (Nether Update)

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Quite unexpectedly, a few minutes ago, the developers released a new beta update - Minecraft Nether Update. It will not have any special innovations, it is only a correction of old errors from previous versions of the video game. The developers are trying to make us comfortable playing. Thanks to them for that!

What is new in Minecraft
Basically, errors were fixed in it. In total, 4 major bugs were fixed. Now authorization on X box live works correctly. You can also invite players, now it works.

For a more detailed description of the innovations, see the screenshot from the wiki:

You can download the game by clicking on the link directly from our website or play market. Choose how you feel comfortable. I hope you enjoy the new beta version of Minecraft Nether Update. Go to the site in other sections and find interesting add-ons, textures, maps and skins for yourself. Good game.

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Minecraft (Nether Update)

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