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Minecraft (Nether Update)

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Download the new beta version of Minecraft Nether Update This is an unexpected update that fixes bugs.

This is a minor update, it may not be so important because it does not add new blocks, mobs and the rest. But the corrected errors are also important! Download Minecraft for free and enjoy error-free survival, now you can play peacefully. I hope you will like it!

Fixes Bugs List:
- Marketplace now works correctly and loads;
- Command blocks work, there is no longer an error that could stop them unexpectedly;
- The player's bounding box fixed! It is used for spawn;
- The /fill command has increased productivity and efficiency.

Do not forget to improve your new Minecraft with mods, add-ons and textures. All the best additions can be found on the pages of my site. Do not miss the excellent maps.

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Minecraft (Nether Update)

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