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Minecraft PE (Caves & Cliffs Update)

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Download the new Minecraft PE Caves & Cliffs update. This version of the game added a mountain biome, new blocks and brought back Glow Squid again.

Minecraft is a very important first beta update in which new mountains and biomes from the Caves & Cliffs update have been added. And also the developers have re-added, or rather returned to us Glow Squid and the items associated with it. The creators have also done some work on improving the stability and performance of Minecart. Fixed bugs in the shop, villages, teams and general bugs. Download and play Minecraft Bedrock on your smartphone! Good luck.

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Minecraft PE (Caves & Cliffs Update)

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Comments (4)

  1. can you please make one for Windows Edition?
    Skald_111 Skald_111 5 March 2021 20:23 Reply
  2. when it says download here so you click it but then you STILL HAVE TO PAY
    Daniella Daniella 6 July 2021 12:05 Reply
    • {text} fufuuf
    Theredbest Theredbest 24 December 2021 10:45 Reply
  3. Minecraft PE (Caves & Cliffs Update)
    Jaden Jaden 13 September 2022 09:58 Reply

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