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Minecraft (Nether Update)

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I suggest downloading a new version of Minecraft Nether Update.

In this version of the game, work has been done on fixing bugs. They did not add anything new. I hope now we will be more comfortable and pleasant to survive in the game world. Learn more about the innovations from the description below. I want to remind you that on my site there are many more add-ons, mods, textures, skins and maps for this version.

What's new in Minecraft

For starters, the developers worked on some of the major bugs that bothered us the most. Among them, the error of the elements of the infernal update was fixed. Due to which players could not find blocks, biomes and exiles. The connection of players to the servers has also been improved. Previously, they could throw a player.

The creators worked on it and removed some errors. The main one was a mistake with the loss of data from monsters, entities and other mobs.

We have improved these creatures, corrected their behavior. Mobs now behave more naturally.

Graphic arts:
Mojang developers worked on the graphics. Of course, the gameplay is the most important thing for our favorite game. But in our time, no one canceled good graphics!

Free download the latest version of Minecraft Bedrock by the link below. Use our link or official. Choose only for you.

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Minecraft (Nether Update)

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