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Minecraft (Nether Update)

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Good news, now you can again find in your account, fixed a very big bug that led to an error or crash. You probably missed the game on the servers with your friends, so hurry to download the game on Android and enjoy survival.

MineCraft PE Nether Update. This is already the 18th beta. Basically, it fixed bugs associated with logging into your account and multiplayer.

I think now it has become clear to you what's new in Minecraft You can also see the screenshot made in the game. I hope you find this article useful, I tried.

Of course we need to know about the big changes and innovations in the Nether World. New mobs, resources, ores, blocks, biomes and the rest were added to it. Now this is a completely independent world in which it will be possible to calmly survive without the need to return to the normal dimension. Download the game for free at the links below.

Google play link
Minecraft (Nether Update)

Free download link

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