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Detailful Guns | Modern Warfare V3.8 Addon

Mods / Mods 1.16

Detailful Guns Addon for many new weapons in Minecraft Bedrock. These will be real guns, machine guns, bazookas, pistols, rifles and other weapons.

If you want to start a real war in the Minecraft game world. Then be sure to download this military mod. You will receive a lot of guns, ammunition, materials, blocks and other parts. Below is a complete list of weapons. I am sure from him you will find friends for yourself. You can create guns using recipes, there are a lot of them, so download all the recipes in one archive from the link below. Until next time.

List of guns:
- MP38 Submachine Gun
- M1014 Shotgun
- M1903 Sniping Rifle
- M1216 Shotgun
- SPAS12 Shotgun
- MP5 Submachine Gun
- RPK Light Machine Gun
- AUG Assault Rifle
- MG36 Light Machine Gun
- ZB26 Light Machine Gun
- M16 Assault Rifle
- MP44 Assault Rifle
- HK416 Assault Rifle
- M1911 Pistol
- P220 Pistol
- UMP45 Submachine Gun
- M500 Revolver
- M1873 Revolver
- Karabiner 98k Sniping Rifle
- P90 Submachine Gun
- C96 Pistol
- M870 Shotgun
- M95 Sniping Rifle
- MG34 Light Machine Gun
- M1934 Pistol
- SV98 Sniping Rifle
- Grenade Launcher

— Download McPack
— Use the Minecraft 1.16
— Install McAddon or McPack files, just open it for this;
— Select new textures in the settings;
— Switch on the experimental mod;
— Done.

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Comments (10)

  1. Well, I cant find Guns and cant run Commands. I just can place Eggs but that's boring...

    Leon Steinert Leon Steinert 17 February 2021 09:17 Reply
  2. how do I get guns in the mod 
    Gabriel Gabriel 5 May 2021 20:44 Reply
  3. {Metin} bence güzel 
    Melih Singin Melih Singin 23 July 2021 03:09 Reply
  4. Hhzjabhzjzniznzbzuzbzbajhzbzbbzbzbzbzbzbzbzbzbbzzbbzbzbzbxbxbzbzbz bznznzbznanannabzhzkamajsjshsus shshgsbanzzjzh jzhzhznznzz xbxgzyzhz xbxgzyzhz djxvjxxxjx chat xzmniznx
    Melih Singin Melih Singin 23 July 2021 03:10 Reply
  5. It work????
    It doesn’t work It doesn’t work 19 November 2021 20:16 Reply
  6. it works for me but I can only find the correct ammo for some guns, so please add a list that says what ammo goes to what gun
    Yes Yes 27 March 2022 10:20 Reply
  7. I would like an addon where there are few weapons and that they would not be military, otherwise they weigh too much, bc I want to use them in multiplayer
    Aaaaaa Aaaaaa 16 October 2022 06:32 Reply
  8. only some ammunition appears, but ammunition like 9mm and 25mm arent there
    E E 17 March 2023 12:59 Reply
  9. same here i need help to
    tyke tyke 29 March 2023 07:22 Reply
  10. it does not even work it only says that its a invalid zip so dont get it!!!!!!
    i got the reviews i got the reviews 30 September 2023 10:42 Reply

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