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Minecraft PE for Android

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Download for free the new beta client of the game Minecraft PE Nether Update for Android.

I bring to your attention a freshly released update of the client version of Nether Update. It has some bug fixes and a new achievement screen. The developers did a good job and fixed as many as 18 bugs. Now survival in Nether World becomes even better and more comfortable. The Nether world has been filled with new mobs, creatures, monsters, blocks, biomes and more. Download the game client from the link below and run to play with your friends!

Bugs fixed:

- In total, 18 errors were fixed, but only the most important and understandable for ordinary users will be on the list;
- Fixed the connection of the walls;
- Bamboo animation fixed;
- After opening Shulker's Crates, the game no longer crashes;
- Improved minecarts performance;
- You can no longer push the End Crystal;
- The name of the bosses is now displayed correctly;
- And some other technical changes.

Minecraft PE for Android

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