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Minecraft PE

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Download the new version of Minecraft and you will see the new added mobs and blocks.

In the Minecraft update Bedrock, new axolotl mobs and a deepslate block were added. Caves & Cliffs update coming soon! You can get a feel for Caves & Cliffs right now with our beta versions. Also, the developers have fixed many bugs.

- Axolotl
- Deepslate
- Cobbled Deepslate
- Deepslate ores
- Oxidized Copper
- Oxidized Cut Copper

Google play link
Minecraft PE

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Comments (2)

  1. can you please make one for MoJan Studios
    Fernando Fernando 3 May 2022 08:46 Reply
  2. {text} i cant do it on the computer <SCHOOL>
    boo boo 18 May 2022 07:08 Reply

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